PRK/Lasix day/night 6 oi what a night


I attempted to go to work today.  Craig drove me to work everything seemed normal.  I took my sunglasses to ward off any light that may try to hurt my eyes.  My eyes haven’t really changed much since yesterday.  I can use an old pair of glasses to help with some of the ghosting but at night it sucks.

I drove myself home last night.  BIG BIG BIG mistake.  The amount of ghosting and halos was unbearable.  I was able to see but I was scared off my ass.  Luckily I have awesome co workers.  I called the office and a co worker who lives near me brought my work home for me.

I still don’t have alot of pain.. and there is some mild itching.  I get a few aches in my left eye but not much at all.  The annoyance is that my eyes aren’t clearing up at the same time.  One eye is clearer than the other so it pisses me off.

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