Lasiks/PRK Day 3 @ night

So.. I survived another day. ..

I have learned that my eyes dry out a lot.  The natural tear drops is a total must at this point.  The prednisone drops taste NASTY.  Yes, you can taste what you put in your eyes due to drains in your face.  The doctor was wrong about day 3 being the worst.  I dunno maybe because I put the natural tears in more often than as prescribed or I am not a wuss compared to some of the other patients :D.  I found day 2 to be worse because I actually had to use the pain drops ( that is only recommended if you actually are in pain and not just to be using them) maybe twice.  I did pop a perc yesterday but that was to prevent some eye strain pain i was experiencing while writing a report.  I have been fighting that feeling that something is in my eye and try to start digging anything out.  I also have to remind myself that there is a contact ( bandage contact) in my eye.  I hardly feel it so it must be smaller than the normal kind.

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