PRK/Lasix Day 0/1

Yestday I had PRK done to my eyes.   Its like Lasiks.. but instead of getting the flap you get a bit of cornea brushed away, lazered, and bandage contacts are replaced. The procedure didn’t hurt -at all-.  NO PAIN.  There was a bit of pressure and tingling but no pain.   Dr Wills was a very nice doc.  He even called me a few hours later to check and make sure I was alright.   PRK has a very long recovery time but the results are usually spectacular.


  1. Sleeping pills
  2. Percs
  3. Steroid
  4. fake tears
  5. Prednazone
  6. Pain killer drops.

My feelings directly after the surgury? WOW everything is fucking bright! and blurry.  You are advised to sleep after the surgery to promtoe healing.  I slept on the car right home.

<EDIT>  I was asking why PRK instead of Lasiks.  The doctor was not conformable performing Lasiks ( eye flap) surgery on me.  He said that my astigmatism was shaped in a way that it could cause my cornea to drop.  So he gave me this option and I took it.

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