Derbycon 3.0 Friday Night

not every geek with a commador 64 can hack into nasa…

Got to watch Dual Core perform like rock stars!  It’s great to follow a group from the beginning and see how big they have gotten.  Nerdcore is music that touches home.  Probably the only kind that almost every song means something. So I will support these guys til the end of time!

On an even sweeter note got to hand out with them after the concert.  Just got back from hanging out with Dual Core, IllWill from 2600 and a few others.  Boy did I have a blast!  Everyone was mad cool.  No one was left behind and everyone had a good time!  Didn’t get home til 5:30am.  HEH.

If you are interested in nerdcore totally check out Dual Core.   Here is a link to the groups youtube channel.

Dual Core Youtube Channel

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