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VirtualBox Adventures

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

I installed Backtrack 5R3 in VirtualBox.  I have always used VMware and figured I would give it a try.  It isn’t so bad.  It has a lot of networking features I look forward to messing with. :).

Burp Suite Framework you say!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

James Lester & Joseph Tartaro: “Burp Suite: Informing the 99% of what the 1%’ers are knowingly taking advantage of

Burp Suite has created a name for itself as arguably one of the go-to weapons of choice for web application pentesters, but one of its best features is consistently being ignored: the ability to append or modify functionality through the use of burp extensions. Extensions as a feature have introduced users to numerious possibilities, and have given opportunities to easily develop functionality that’s necessary to complete required test related tasks. With all that is available through Burp extensibility, why have we not seen its users contribute functionality to the same degree as community driven projects such as MetaSploit or the Nmap Scriptability Engine? In this presentation, James Lester and Joseph Tartaro will debut their campaign, which focuses on building demand, support, and an overall desire around the creation of Burp extensions in the hope of bringing extensibility to the forfront of web application testing. As a team, James and Joseph will begin by outlining the current demand, capabilities, and limitations while introducing up to a dozen extensions they created that presently utilize all current accessible functionality within the extensibility suite. Along with the release of these extensions, a campaign will be presented to organize and develop an extension community that documents tool primers, lessons learned, and tips/tricks, along with hosting extensions and tools catered to Burp. As a team, Joseph and James will showcase the benefits to their approach, which include increased efficiency and a simplified way to write new scripts. During development of this talk, James and Joseph took into consideration that re-use is a key factor and development techniques were used to help test user adaptation. Something learned isn’t research until it’s shared, and they plan to put this statement to practice utilizing B-Sides as a perfect tool to help collect data, convey interests, and share results.


Monday, March 26th, 2012

One of the things I have started recently at my job is updating SharePoint.  I am not a fan of it but I am slowing growing to like it.  It  seems to be very versatile and not very hard to learn.  Its just remembering to connect the dots along the way..  Right now I am wrestling with it trying to get a document library into it.  >.>

Open Source Alternative to Snag it.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

I love open source.  Anytime I can support the little guy I will.  If you love open source software you will love Greenshot.   It is free and is published under GPL.   It is very simple.. you hit print screen ( for me its function + print screen) and you are editing a newly taken screenshot in seconds.  I use it basically every day!

When Greenshot needs to be updated you get a little bubble in your systray that lets you know that an update is available.  If you want to know what has been updated you can go to their blog for more information.

and don’t forget . if you like the product.. buy em a beer :).